Checking your mail is not enough...

Developed by Thibaud Djian of Hoverdesk fame, EzPop is a free skinnable email/news checker.

Its main feature is to check your mail accounts every 1 to 99 minutes. When you have mail, EzPop will warn you by a mailbox image, a sound or a pop-up.

Want a quick look at this message you just received ? Double-click on the Mailbox and a window will open to let you read it. You can even reply from this window, save the attachment, or delete the message.

You can filter your messages, and avoid those annoying spam e-mails or huge attachments filling your mailbox.

But EzPop is much more than an e-mail checker! Between checks, EzPop can bring you news in a convenient and unobstrusive way, with a scrolling text in the status display.

Now what if you see interesting news and want to know more ? Drag the mouse pointer over the status display. If the news include an hyperlink, the pointer will change into a handpoint cursor. Click once and your web browser will be launched, allowing you to read the whole story.

Another feature is the message window acting as a quick & easy notepad. Don't bother searching for some program lost in the Start Menu. Note this phone number or your appointment reminder right in EzPop.

RG-360 by Take
included Pseudo skin by Honz12

Let's not forget EzPop is skinnable ! It means you can change its look and choose whatever you fancy. Three gorgeous skins are included.

Of course, you will find lots more on this site or on the Web. And if you don't find this elusive cow-shaped skin you want to go with your custom-made MS Plus Theme™, well... design it yourself ! Try it, it's easy and you'll like it !

Last but not least, EzPop has a lot of options to make it work like you want :

  • Launch button for the mail client
  • Customizable Alarm sound
  • Tray support
  • Auto-connect at start-up
  • Always on top
  • Headers display only
  • Hidden mode
  • etc
S-Ryzer by Snecs
included Geek skin by Titan

One last thing : EzPop doesn't write anything outside of its own folder. No registry or Windows folder pollution ! No risks involved in trying it !


Nothing ! EzPop is freeware for personal use. If you wish to contribute, please create great skins and share them with the world ! Upload them on LOS. And if you don't know the other program of Thibaud Djian, Hoverdesk, check its site!



EzPop © 1999 2001 T.Djian/M.Noyal