Those good ol' Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. I can't get EzPop to work. It tells me the file Wininet.dll is missing.

A. Wininet.dll is installed by MS Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0. If you don't want to install or upgrade to IE 4.0/5.0, copy the files Wininet.dll and Shlwapi.dll on another machine and paste them in your system folder.

Q. I can't get EzPop to work with Windows NT 4.0. It tells me the file Rasapi32.dll is missing.

A. Please upgrade to the version 3.4. Older versions of EzPop relied on the Dial-Up Networking, even if you had a LAN connection. That's history, now.

Q. I have a web-based email account (Hotmail, Yahoo etc.). Can I use EzPop ?

A. Yes you can check Hotmail accounts from within EzPop.

Q. I want a bigger message window!

A. The size of this window (like every other part of EzPop) is set by the skin designer. Try finding a skin more to your liking. Or better yet : design one yourself and share it with the world !

Q. I can't connect EzPop to the Internet/POP server (dialog box error).

A. Check these points :

  • Is it the latest version ?
  • Is your POP account properly setup ? Are you sure you typed the right Host address, login and password ?
  • Are you connected to the Internet ? (OK. This one is pretty silly. But, hey ! Everyone can make a silly mistake ;)
  • If you upgraded from a old version, did you configure again your POP accounts ?

If you checked all these points and still have this message, your mail server could be down or sloooooow responding. If the problem persists, send us a line.

Q. My default mail client is X or Y but I want EzPop to launch the Netscape e-mail client.

A. This one is easy : in the Options tab of the Config panel, check "Run custom mail client", then browse your hard drive and find netscape.exe. Then add ,-mail after netscape.exe and click on OK.

Netscape mail client

Note : the default path is :
c:\Program files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\netscape.exe

Q. How do I launch the Neoplanet e-mail client from EzPop ?

A. You can't yet :( Quoting from the Neoplanet support :

"At this time, the NeoPlanet e-mail client is integrated into the browser itself, and cannot be launched independently."

Q. May I have the sources of your program ?

A. No you can't.


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