Jan,30 2003 New release 3.70 beta

Version Française aussi disponible (cliquez sur Download) !

New default skin




Hotmail account doesn't work anymore.
The News feature has been replaced by a freeware : HoverNews at http://www.hoverdesk.net/freeware.htm

New features :
 SMARTCLEAN ! Remove all unwanted emails (spam) with a single click ! Simply right-click on the main form then run SmartClean !
EzPop will delete all the mails where headers (from/address/subject) are matching your spam list.
 IMAP4 support !
 MAPI (Exchange, Notes …) support !
 mark message as "read" when viewing in the message window (IMAP/MAPI)
 purge deleted messages (IMAP)
 Time connected on the Net / Popups killed display (left click on the Status line)
 Alpha Transparency for 2K / XP
 Message Window : Vertical Scrollbar  (optional) with Mouse Wheel support !
 display the "Send To" address in the header (Message Window)
 and more ... ! Please read the history file


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 by Hover Inc.


Don't bother checking your e-mail accounts. Ezpop will do it for you in the background
Have you mail ? The empty box in the window will change into a you got mail box. Of course, you can associate your favourite sound (we're somewhat partial to "Doh !"), or even run EzPop in the systray and make it pop up when you got mail.

Make EzPop looks like anything you want
EzPop is skinnable. It means you can change its look and choose whatever you fancy. Six gorgeous skins are included, and you will find lots more on the web. And if you don't find this elusive cow-shaped skin you want to go with your custom-made MS Plus Theme™, well... design it yourself ! Try it, it's easy and you'll like it !

You got mail ? I got news !
Between checks, EzPop brings news right on your desktop. The default news server is Glabouni, official site for EzPop skins. New skins, updates, new skinnable software : you'll be the first one to know ! In months to come, a lot of servers will be added to let you choose what you want to read. That's the nice thing with customizable software : choice.

Read your mail in EzPop. Easier and quicker than launching your e-mail client every ten minutes.
Want a quick look at this message you just received ? Double-click on the mailbox and a window will open to let you read it. You can even reply from this window, save the attachments, or delete the message !

Forget the SPAM
Tired of these "Make $$$$$ in your sleep" messages ? With its filtering feature, EzPop will delete them on the server. You can also say goodbye to these huuuuge attachments sent by your aunt May who doesn't seem to understand the difference between a 20 Kb image and a 2 Mb file. Set the max size to 300 Kb (or whatever you choose) and save your time and bandwith.

Write/Load notes with EzPop and forget the Notepad
Do you need to note something ? A phone number, an appointment reminder ? Don't bother searching for some program lost in the Start Menu. When you don't have mail, the EzPop message window becomes a quick-and-easy notepad.

The best things in life are free
EzPop is freeware for personal use and will stay so. Not "free beta but we don't know about the next release" and not "free until we feel they're ready to pay for it". Simply free.



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